Project Description

Agrex Mobile Grain Dryers

Ryetec Agrex PRT mobile grain and seed driers are designed to offer maximum output thanks to a reliable and well engineered machine which has been tried and tested all over the world in some of the harshest environments and proven to offer efficient and safe drying of a wide range of agricultural cereal and seed .


  • Range of Sizes from 7.5 to 25 tons as mobile units, then 30 and 40 ton more permanent models.
  • Available with mechanical or new smart automatic operation.
  • Electric or PTO driven.
  • Available with a heat exchanger or direct heat.
  • Unique external shaft driven auger allows for even flow around the central drying cone eliminating hot spots and a more even heating/cooling process.

Designed for maximum efficency;

Ryetec Agrex mobile grain, cereal and seed driers are designed to maximise drying times and minimise fuel consumption and are able to utilise either diesel or gas and the bio versions of both depending on model. All models upto 25 tons feature a unique external shaft driven vertical auger for recurculating and loading/unloading, this augers position outside the drying system allows for a even flow of grain or seed around the central drying cone for even heating and cooling. The outside position of this auger also improves maintenance and cleaning operations. The optional heat exchange system gives a 100% garantee that there can be no posibility of contamination of the product being dried by the heating fuel.

Ryetec Agrex grain cereal seed drier dryer cutaway

The Agrex System SAVES Time, Fuel and Money

The unique recurculating auger outside the drying hopper is the revolution in this design which allows the Agrex drier to out perform all comers thanks to the fact that the flow control of grain into the auger can be adjusted during the during cycle. Internal auger machines have this adjustment at the base of the recurclating auger, which can only be adjusted when the bin is empty and therefore is set to suit the grain at it’s wetest (slow recycle time), as grain dries it flows much easier and is easier to auger back to the top of the drier but in a conventional system it continues to run at the restricted ‘wet’ speed. If the speed of cirulation is increased, the grain dries quicker with the same amount of heat and will reach it’s target moisture content quicker with a more even heating.

Agrex mobile grain cereal drier full width stirring system and recirculating speed control

The external flow control of the Agrex drier allows the operator to increase the flow during the dring process (Automatically on the Agrex ‘SMART’ PLC control driers), the full width stirrer further improves the mixing of the drying grain and with no auger to hamper it the grain is mixed accross the full width of the drying chamber to avaid grain damaging ‘hotspot’.

Recycle/speed control of the Agrex grain driers

Efficent, Uniform and Thorough Drying

The fast recirculating time and resulting more even temprature in the drying grain means each grain is dried evenly through out, when the grain travels slowly through the drier it is possible for the outer part of the grain to be dried but leaving the central core habouring moisture which can be released back through the grain after drying, leading to storage problems later.

SMART drying

All Agrex driers can be specified with SMART PLC controller which offers totally automated drying, all the operator has to do is start the machine and make sure the drier has a ready supply of wet grain, at which point the drier will fill, dry (to a preset moisture content), cool and empty on a fully automated cycleeither single cycles or multiple or until the wet grain runs out, all this is monitored by the PLC which also alters the flow of grain through the drier automatically speeding it up as the grain dries to maximise output and minimise fuel consuption and with Agrexes SMART ‘App’ information about the dring process is relayed and displayed on any smart phone loaded with the Agrex App, SMART ?

SMART drier control from Agrex with smart phone App for total control automatic grain drying

A Size To Suit All Requirements

Available in 7.5, 12, 20 and 25 ton as fully mobile units and 30 & 40 ton machines in a more perminant situation the PRT range of driers will suit any operations, with lowering hoppers and folding augers it is easy to tow these machines to another part of the yard or even another farmstead.


PRT driers can be specified as tractor PTO or Electrically powered, they can also be specified with both for maximum flexibility, and the perforated stainless steel walling can be specified with either 2.5mm diameter holes ideal for wheat and barley drying, or small 1.5mm diameter for smaller seeds such as Oil Seed Rape or Mustard.

Ryetec Agrex mobile grain cereal seed drier dryer flow diagram