Project Description

KTS Forestry Timber Trailers Cranes & Grapples

Heavy Duty Vertical Log Splitters from 12 up to 22 tons, for tractor PTO or hydraulic drive or three phase electrically powered for maximum flexibility. Useful winch option to ease operators workload.

  • Ryetec Timber Grapple

Forestry trailers with demoutable cranes for all applications with capacities from 8.5 to 13 tons and cranes up to 7.5 metres reach.

The Ryetec KTS forestry timber forwarding trailers offer a premium machine, designed and manufactured to operate reliably for years in the toughest conditions.

With a choice of capacities;

  • 8.5 tons with an effective standard load area of 1.8m³
  • 11 and 10 tons with an effective standard load area of 2.35m³
  • NEW 13 ton ladder frame trailer & slide out rear extension with load area 3.4m³
  • 40° Steering drawbar with twin rams (single ram on 8.5 ton).
  • Robust spine chassis 180mm x 180mm with 6mm (8.5 ton),8mm (10 ton) or 10mm (11 ton) thick wall. Ladder chassis on 13 ton with rear slide out extension (4metres + 0.8m)
  • 80mm x 80mm gate tested to withstand 1/3 of trailers rated load on top corner without failure complete with saw box (not 8.5 ton).
  • Pivoting tandem axle bogies with 30° articulation for rough ground.
  • 3.6 metre long bed (4m on 13ton) with optional slide out extention or longer chassis upto 4.8 metres.
  • Powered axle.
  • Brakes, hyd on 2 or 4 wheels or air on 4 wheels
  • Lights.

Ryetec KTS timber forwarding forestry trailer and crane

Trailer 8.5 ton Trailer 10.0 ton Trailer 11.0 ton
Maximum load 8.5 ton 10.0 ton 11.0 ton
Standard crane; it is possible to install a crane up to 7.5 m 5.3 m 6.4 m 6.7 m
Effective load area  1.80 m2 2.35 m2
Chain saw box Extra equipment Yes/standard
Gate Yes/standard
Gate height 1 100 mm 1 400 mm
Stake height 1 100 mm 1 400 mm
Dimensions on stakes 89 x 6 mm
Stake extensions No, stakes are in one piece
Divider stakes, for timber sorting Extra equipment
No. of bolsters 2 3
More bolsters can be fitted Yes
Hydraulic support legs Yes/standard folding legs
Telescopic support legs Extra equipment
Trailer steering Yes/standard
No. of steering cylinders 1 2
Max. steering angle 40° to both left and right
Towing eye to tractor Forged towing eye for hitch connector
Lubricatable bushings or link bearings in all joints Yes/standard
Diameter of steering pivot 70 mm
Bogies Yes/standard
Tip angle of bogies +/- 30°
Axle separation 995 mm
Distance on bogie from centre of front axle to centre of pivot 530 mm
Track width 1 622 mm
Tyre size standard
Other sizes available to order
400/60 x 15.5
400/60 x 15.5
tractor tread
Brakes, drum or disc Extra equipment
Number of hydraulic outlets required 2 double-acting
Extra equipment available to enable use with 1 single-acting and 1 return
Brake hoses run fully protected in frame or substantial steel tubes Yes/standard when trailer is fitted with brakes
Support foot Extra equipment
Hydraulic wheel drive Extra equipment
Stub shaft dimension 70 x 70 mm 80 x 80 mm
Central frame of special steel 180 x 180 x 5 mm 180 x 180 x 8 mm 180 x 180 x 10 mm
Loading width at bottom of load area 910 mm
Loading width at top of stakes 1 830 mm
Loading width at top of stakes for brushwood equipment 3 000 mm
Overall height including crane at hitch height 400 mm;
this dimension depends on the height of the tractor hitch hook
About 2 668 mm About 2 968 mm About 2 773 mm
Recommended tractor power for full load 45 hp and up 60 hp and up 65 hp and up
Weight, complete timber trailer 2 170 kg 2 345 kg 2 570 kg
Weight complete, without crane and 3-point adaptor 1 360 kg 1 495 kg 1 555 kg

KTS timber forwarding trailer speciifcation detail

With a choice of cranes;

  • 5.3 metres reach
  • 6.4 metres reach
  • 6.7 metres reach
  • 7.5 metres reach

Standard features include;

  • Top mounted main lift cylinder to avoid damage and better lifting performance, lift capacity increases as log is lifted rather than decrease compared with conventional lower mounted ram.
  • 4 slew rams for maximum torque and even load on slewing gears with maintenance free rack shims.
  • ‘Comfort link’ allows second arm to fold completely back to main arm to load right up to gate.
  • Tractor hydraulically powered (PTO option).
  • Folding legs for maximum stability and speed of operation.
  • Crane easily removed from trailer to use on tractor 3 point linkage.
  • Remote greasing for main lift pivot pin and main lift cylinder

Options available;

  • basic lever to fully proportional controls, light weight and remote are also available.
  • Winch with remote control.
  • PTO power pack.
  • Boom lights.
  • Telescopic legs

Ryetec forestry crane removed from trailer for independant use on 3 point linkage of tractor

Crane 5.3 m Crane 6.4 m Crane 6.7 m Crane 7.5 m
Reach 5.3 m 6.4 m 6.7m 7.5 m
Comfort joint to simplify work Yes/standard
Hydraulic extension No Yes/1.2 m Yes/2.0 m
Gross lifting force of crane 3.5 ton meter 5.0 ton meter
Grapple area of standard grapple 0.18 m2 0.21 m2
Fully rotating rotator Yes/standard
Rotator torque 750 Nm (75 kpm)
Slewing attenuator on rotator link Yes/standard
Hydraulic support legs on the trailer when sold with crane Yes/standard
Telescopic support legs instead of support legs Extra equipment
Hydraulic support legs when the crane is sold with a 3-point adaptor Mechanical: standard
Hydraulic: extra
No. of slewing cylinders on slewing house 4
Slewing angle 370° (360° is a complete revolution)
Slewing torque 10.4 kNm (1 060 kpm) 13.0 kNm (1 326 kpm)
Height of slewing house 290 mm
Hydraulic valve 7 slides 8 slides
Control levers 7 lever 1+1 levers with 2 functions each + 4 levers
(known as 2-lever arrangement)
Other control lever systems available Yes, extra equipment
Float position on hydraulic valve On 2 functions: boom and slewing of crane
Hydraulic valve suitable for open or closed hydraulic systems
Closed hydraulic system for e.g. John Deere
Yes, extra equipment
Recommended pump capacity
Lower or higher flows can be used: the crane will simply perform more slowly or faster
15-50 l/min 20-60 l/min
System pressure
Lower pressure: lifting capacity will be reduced. Higher pressure: no increase in lifting capacity, as the hydraulic system is fitted with a pressure relief safety valve.
175 bar (175 kg/cm2)
Maximum pressure 220 bar (220 kg/cm2)
Lubricatable bushings or link bearings in all joints Yes/standard
3-point adaptor for 3-point hitch 28 mm category 2, 825 mm between hydraulic arms attachment points
Weight, including grapple, rotator and 3-point adaptor 810 kg 850 kg 1 015 kg 1 065 kg
Weight, 3-point adaptor 250 kg
Weight, grapple 65 kg 80 kg

All performance specifications are pressure dependent are calculated at 175 bar pressure.

Please call us for more information, there are KTS trailers and cranes operating all over the UK and we would be more than happy to put you in touch with an operator to discuss them ‘warts and all’!