MAAG SSP Pneumatic Low Disturbance Direct Drill Drill

MAAG Pneumatic minimal soil disturbance grain disc drill for no till, min till and conventional operation.

  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • Ma/Ag 3 metre direct drill
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • John Deere 7810 direct drilling
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill
  • MAAG Pneumatic no Till Drill

The MAAG SSP range of drills have been developed over the last 5 years to offer a simple and robust solution to virtually every agricultural crop establishment situation;

  • No till (Direct)
  • Min till
  • Conventional

The design incorporates floating disc coulters with individual pressure adjustment and depth control, each coulter floats on an parallel linkage to achieve uniform seed placement across the full width of the drill on the most undulating land. Drill coulters are spaced with alternate rows at the front and rear of the drill frame to give maximum clearance to work even in high trash conditions and with even distribution of the drills total weight across both rows of coulters and excellent contour following characteristics. The MAAG coulter has been designed to operate in all soil conditions with minimum horse power consumption and the centre axle and linkage drawbar give excellent manoeuvrability.

  • Individually adjustable coulter pressures up to 250kgs
  • Straight large 435mm diameter scalloped main coulter disc
  • Angle plain disc opens drill for seed
  • Rubber concave press wheels for excellent closing of the seed from both sides of the seed
  • Minimal soil disturbance and low power requirement

This minimal soil disturbance coulter is capable of operating directly into sterile seedbeds, following covercrops and for spring drilling of cereal crops to reduce weeds including blackgrass and therefore herbicide use, for more information on blackgrass control please follow the link for more information;

Winter Oats 100kg/ha in to cover crop and then the following April pictured below:

One of the secrets to the Ma/Ag SSP coulter design is that the rear press wheel also controls drilling depth, which means that once desired seed depth is achieved, the full coulter pressure is then transferred to the rear rubber press wheel, which is hard on both edges and soft in the centre giving a firm “kneading” effect to BOTH sides of the drilled seed, ensuring excellent soil to seed contact for rapid germination and minimal pest attack. The serrated lead disc creates an uneven cut below the seed depth which gives good drainage of the seed in wet conditions, allows for easy root development of the germinating seed and avoids a constant depth channel to minimise slug attack

The SSP drills also feature;

  • Accurate and even pneumatic seed distribution to each coulter
  • Accord seed metering with electronic variable rate metering (Mechanical option)
  • Easy single point calibration

A large 2500 litre capacity hopper, centrally mounted between front and rear coulters with single seed metering device for all seed sizes offers a perfect distribution of weight to all coulters. The heavy duty frame with hydraulic folding (4 – 6 metre models) to 2.55 metres for road transport, and large centrally mounted low ground pressure wheels and draw-bar with hydraulic raise and lower and adjustable depth control.

Available as a fixed chassis 3 metre linkage mounted

John Deere 7810 direct drilling

Ryetecs MaAg 3 metre linkage mounted low disturbance disc drill

or 3 metre trailed with optional hydraulic folding option to 2.5 metres, and 4-6 metres hydraulic folding as a trailed unit with hydraulic raise and lower wheels and linkage draw-bar.

For a user review of the Ma/Ag SSP, please follow the link below;