Contractor Mini Multi-Use Offset Flail Mower for tractors 25-60Hp.

Four modes of operation

  • Standard in-line flail mower
  • Fully offset verge mower (right hand side)
  • To -65° angle ditch mower
  • To +90° angle bank and hedge mower

Standard specification

  • Hydraulic offset
  • Hydraulic angling of mowing head
  • Available in widths from 1.2m to 1.6m
  • Tractors ranging from 20hp to 55hp

The Mini Offset flail mower has a hydraulic articulating arm that allows the machine to cut directly behind the tractor or fully offset up to 1.3m of extension from centre, the flail head can then also tilt +90 degrees vertical to do hedge sides and banks as well as tilt -50 degrees to cut ditches and slopes while the tractor remains on even ground.

MUMH – Designed for use cutting grass, brash and hedges with heavy duty hammer flails for cutting and pruning up to 4-5cm.

MUML – Designed for use in lighter areas such as grass verges, parks and sports clubs.