Professional High Power Log Splitters

Professional range log splitters offer high power compact splitters for heavy domestic and commercial operations and are available as either electric, engine or tractor driven (external hydraulic or PTO) units. Twin pump options on electric and engine driven give high speed an power from either a standard 240volt 13 amp supply of small petrol engine.


  • Range from 7 to 10 tonne splitting force.
  • Mounted on wheels for easy handling.
  • Optional cross and quick wedge available.
  • Super models available with quick dual pump for faster cycle times.

P08 (SF80/81) range has splitting forces from 7 to 8 tonnes have a ram stroke of 54 cms (21.5″)and can take logs up to 103 cm (3’4″) in length. Robust and with high quality hydraulic components, the SF80/81 have large capacity oil tanks for continuous operation without overheating.

P10 (SF100/101) range from 9 to 10 tonne splitting force, all seniors are equipped with adjustable tables allowing splitting of logs up to 105cm long (3’5”). The exceptionally robust construction and heavy duty hydraulic system makes these machines suitable for heavy domestic or professional use.

Available with electric single phase (240volt 13 amp) or petrol engine in either single or the more powerful and faster twin pumped (‘super’) version, or tractor driven from the tractors own hydraulic supply or PTO powered. With tractor driven versions we recommend the PTO powered machine for older tractors or those with poor or unknown hydraulic performance.

Easy to use, flexible and safe

  • Dual powered models can be driven by both electric and tractor power sources for added flexibility.
  • Every model is mounted on wheels for easy handling
  • Safe electric control systems and IP54 standard insulation allows these machines to be used in outdoor situations with complete safety.

Comprehensive specifications

  • All ‘Super’ models have twin pumps for faster cycle times and greater splitting force.
  • Operator’s hands are automatically protected during the splitting process by the twin operating levers.
  • Optional cross and quick wedges can be fitted to increase output.

Junior & Senior Log Splitters


cross wedge:

quick wedge:

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