Avant 500 Multi-Position Sidearm Flail

The Avant 500 benefits from a very strong and well engineered chassis combined with robust arms for a trouble free working life.

Unique Multi-Position Arm
The Avant 500 has specially designed arm geometry which allows the flail head to work in a variety of positions:

  • in a forward position for improved operator visibility
  • behind the tractor
  • across the full width of the tractor including the offside rear wheel

The lack of a conventional ‘king post’ means the main frame does not cover the full width of the tractor, allowing the head to cut a vertical hedge face on the same line as the outside of the tractor wheel.

Narrow lane capability
The Avant 500 can mow narrow verges without forcing the tractor out into the opposite lane as the head can tuck in behind the tractor wheel.

Standard specification includes

  • Twin pump independent hydraulics with oil cooler
  • Hydraulically variable reach second arm
  • Heavy duty head with 65hp head drive motor
  • Cable, electric or joystick proportional controls
  • Robust heavy duty construction
  • 220 litre oil tank
  • Reversible direct drive rotor with belt drive option
  • Heavy J flail as standard, any choice of flails optional
  • Heavy duty 150mm (6¨) roller
  • Linkage mounted with heavy duty brace bracket
  • Fork lift moving brackets
  • Ryetec blue or high visibility yellow paint finish

Strong, reliable and flexible
The Avant 500 benefits from a very strong and well engineered chassis combined with robust arms for a trouble free working life. Several features are designed to reduce potential down time and costly repairs, eg. side by side hydraulic pumps for easy replacement and standard off the shelf parts can be used to keep the Avant working for longer, as the pump does not have to be matched to the opposite pump’s special connection drives. All arm pivot pins are greasable and bushed. When not in use, the Avant 500’s forklift tine brackets mean it can be moved easily without a tractor, allowing it to be moved and stored undercover.

Multi-Position head gives unrivalled flexibility

Avant 500 Specifications

* Tractor weight indicated can include ballast

J flail fitted as standard, or we can supply flails of your choice. Please specify with order.

J Flail Avant 500

Single J flail

Standard machine is cable controlled. Electric switch or joystick hydraulic proportional controls are optional.
High visibility paint finish is standard. Blue optional
Belt drive flail rotor
Debris blower
1.5m flail head (instead of 1.3m)
Fingerbar head

  • 1.8m light duty 12.5mm cut capacity
  • 1.8m heavy duty 50mm cut capacity

Multidisc saw head

  • 1.5m cutting width (3 blades)
  • 2.0m cutting width (4 blades)

Rotary ditch and grip cleaner