Professional Flail Mower Collector

High performance flail mower & scarifier collectors designed for the professional user, ideal for sports fields, golf courses and high quality grass areas where a high standard of finish is required. These machine are also ideal for leaf collection.


  • Available in a range of widths from 1.2m to 2m (see product brochure for more information).
  • Available as hydraulic low tip or hydraulic high tip.
  • Particularly suitable where fine cutting and scarifying may be required
  • Suitable for use with compact and agricultural type tractors
  • Fully mounted, semi-mounted or trailed models
  • Easy to control working height with height adjustable roller.
  • Floating linkage allows machine to follow ground contours effectively
  • Flail options allow for wide range of uses, including wild flower areas with heavy duty paddle flails
  • Heavy duty gearbox with overrun clutch, and ‘V’ belt drive to rotor

The Professional range provides machines suitable for a number of tasks. Mowing and collecting of fine grass, coarse grass and even areas set aside for conservation and wild flowers can be quickly and easily returned to prime condition with simple changes to flails and settings on the machines. Quick and accurate roller height adjusters with graduated scales ensure precise control of cutting height and more importantly scarifying depth for a perfect finish in any situation. The access door allows quick and easy maintenance of the flail rotor, changing of cutting and scarifying blades and cleaning of the machine after work.

  • Full width height adjustable rear roller with scraper
  • Front castor wheels, height adjustable with solid puncture proof tyres. Twin castors on 1.8m and 2.0 models.
  • PC models are ground tip and fully mounted
  • PCHE models offer the same compact dimensions as the ground tip model but with 1.85m high tip.
  • 4mm paddle (fine finish) cutting blades with scarifying option

Ryetec Professional fine cut paddle flail

Paddle Flails
All machines are fitted with a fine finish paddle flail as standard and are supplied with a set of scarifying blades. The paddle flail gives a much better cut than traditional back to back flails and also create the air flow to effectively transfer the cut material into the hopper without requiring extra ‘draft’ or ‘wind’ paddles.

Ryetec Professional fine cut paddle flail with scarifiying verticut flail fitted

Delta paddle flails are also available for heavier duty cutting operations. Flail maintenance is made easy by the rotor inspection door which allows full access to the blades and rotor from above. The key ring type flail fasteners make for quick changing of flails without tools.

Accurate Cutting Height

The Professionals full width rear roller is easily and accurately adjusted for precise control of cutting height and scarifying depth of work with a simple screw adjustment on the side of the mower. Adjustable height front castor wheels means the machine follows ground contours accurately, and floating linkage mountings mean this is completely independent of the tractor and any change in it’s aspect as the combination travels over undulating ground conditions to give and even finish without scalping.


Ryetec Proffesional flail scrifyer collector follows ground contours with ease