• Tractor front counter weight Weightbox with full width tool box.
  • Yellow Workbox on JCB fastrac
  • Ryetec workbox front linkage storage box in merlo green

Ryetec’s WeightBox & WorkBox 

  • A front and rear mounted tractor weightblock.
  • Full width tool box.
  • Customizable tool box with various options.
  • Also with detachable underslung weight block for quick and easy removal or addition of counterbalance

Ryetec’s WeightBox & Workbox have been designed to offer effective counterweights for tractor front and rear mounting, whilst offering excellent secure and easy to access tool storage in a full width toolbox, which offers huge capacity without stacking tools on top of tools.


Tools own storage boxes are easily accommodated in their original cases (Socket sets etc) and sit on the non-slip rubber mat base of the toolbox, the full width “bonnet” is sealed against dust and water ingress and has a simple spring release system (which can be locked for security) for quick and easy access. Twin gas struts support the bonnet in the open position for easy access to the full tool box even in windy conditions.

Separate compartments are situated across the front of the WeightBox & Workbox which is ideal to keep grease guns and oil cans separate from tools.

The WeightBox & Workbox have LED hazard strobes, twin front work lights and tool box lights as standard, but with a multi fit system which allows for customisation and fitment of light bars etc protected by the frame of the unit and a customised front plate which also can incorporate company names and with backlight if required.

The Workbox shares all the features of the WeightBox but offers a lower permanent counter weight with greater capacity, for mobile workshop application and total independence for contractors and large farmers out in the field with limited access to workshop facilities.

Workbox on JCB fastrac

JCB fastrac with linkage mounted Ryetec Workbox tractor linkage mounted weight block

The Workbox can carry spare parts for machines, extra supplies for baling operations or even extra fuel and Addblue. It offers the opportunity to carry specialist tools, AC 240volt power adaptor to operate power tools, a welder or even a hydraulically driven power washer which can run on mains water supply or an internal supply to clean implements, windows and wheels between jobs, we can customise these units with vices and even heavy duty work benches, reducing down time and increasing productivity.

Weightbox fitted with optional 500kg belly weight

Weightbox with 500kg belly weight on John Deere

Flexibility,  The WeightBox & Workbox provide storage and some permanent weight if required, but why carry unnecessary weight when not required, wearing out tyres and axles and causing damage to the soil. With a WeightBox or Workbox, the optional quick attach belly weight is fitted or removed in seconds, without any extra equipment or manual handling and you don’t have to remove anything from inside the box, the Belly Weight just clips on underneath. Choose 500, 750 or for those really heavy implements 1000kg belly weight to keep your front wheels on the ground and you in full control.


Available in weight sizes;

1000, 1500 and 2000Kgs with standard features;

  • Cat 2 linkage mounting
  • Permanent concrete counterweight
  • Can be front or rear mounted
  • Full width toolbox with non-slip rubber mat base
  • Illuminated tool box
  • Separate grease gun and oil storage compartment
  • Gas strut supported and sealed full width bonnet
  • Simple bonnet release with locking
  • Universal front work/spotlight mounting system
  • Customised front name plate with optional backlight
  • Programmable front hazard LED beacons
  • Front tow attachment
  • Hazard marking signs
Ryetec workbox front linkage storage box in merlo green

Ryetec workbox front linkage storage box with customised name plate in Merlo green


Offers the same advantages as the WeightBox but with no permanent counterweight there are increased possibilities for tools and/or storage of wrap/string/fuel/parts

Yellow Workbox on JCB fastrac

Ryetec workbox front linkage storage box with gas strut supported full width bonnet

WeightBox & Workbox Options;

  • Removable extra Belly weight

Removing belly weight without forklift

Removing belly weight without forklift

Removing belly weight without forklift

  • Fixed mounting for tractors without front linkage
  • Adjustable wide load marker signs and lights
  • Magnetic work lights
  • 12 to 240 volt power inverter (for power tools)
  • Pressure washer (Hydraulic drive)
  • Diesel/Addblue tanks or canisters
Ryetec WorkBox with re fueling tank

Optional refuelling tank with 12 volt pump and delivery hose

  • Tool box dividers and lift out tool storage trays
  • Vice
Fold away vice mobile workshop with Ryetec WorkBox

Fold away work bench and heavy duty vice for mobile repairs

  • Heavy duty work bench
  • Custom requirements